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As an entity that promotes the qualities of a commercial district powered by small business owners and loyal patrons, the UWIA is committed to acting in the best interest of this tight-knight community while also tempering anxiety and panic. Needless to day, this is a delicate balance and one that is impacted daily based on available information from government officials.

But, the basics remain resolute: wash your hands, maintain social distance, and isolate yourself if showing symptoms.
Uptown restaurants remain open for takeout and delivery and are implementing extra practices to increase safety and protect customers and staff alike. Other essential businesses remain open, streets and sidewalks are still being maintained, and the Uptown Ambassadors continue to keep watch over the District.

We pray and hope that this emergency will subside and, more importantly, that we will develop long-term behaviors that will protect us from infectious threats in the future without fomenting fear or discrimination.