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In August 2018, the UWIA implemented an ambassadors program with the goal to bring additional safety and security to Uptown Whittier. The UWIA hired a local veteran-owned and operated business to provide security in the district three days a week adding an additional level of safety for pedestrians, visitors and shoppers.

Days & Times| The Ambassadors patrol the Uptown Whittier district during its busiest times of the week Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s from 3:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., totaling 200 hours a month.

Identify The security team is a group of two individuals patrolling the community either by bike or by foot you can identify them by their black and yellow uniforms.

Responsibilities Ambassadors are responsible for assisting in nuisances including loitering, skateboarders, transient issues, curfews, intoxicated customers and will dispatch 911 in situations involving crime or theft to provide support to the local police department. Businesses that need security services because of the nature of their business must provide for their security needs.

Community Assistance Ambassadors also are able to assist residents and visitors in anything from walking them to their cars at night to pointing them to the right direction when looking for a business in Uptown.