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President : Mark St. Julien
Vice President : Conal McNamara
Treasurer : Jim Dunkelman
Secretary : Monica Oviedo

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Corporation's officers and oversees all District administrative functions including managing association staff, consulting contracts, corporate finances, insurance, grants, development of budget, Board agendas and meetings, correspondence, outreach, bylaws, Board policies, annual Board elections, and fundraising. Executive Committee members also establish, cultivate, and steward relationships with the City Manager’s office, elected officials, and public agencies.

District Identity

Committee Chair: Ricardo Diaz

Ana Lilia Barraza
Jim Dunkelman
Kristin Wiberg
Irene McCallister
Conal McNamara
Ben Pongetti
Melinda Pina
Christine Singer-Luna
Nick Teel
Andrew Yanez

The District Identity Committee supervises projects that market and promote the District or promote positive aspects of Uptown Whittier. Among the committee's responsibilities are managing the District's brand, public relations/social media, publication of a District newsletter, special events, website management, banner program, streetscape issues including landscaping design, tree selection, holiday decorations, visual linkages, new public spaces projects, improvements to public spaces in the district, district walking maps, brochures.

Sidewalk Operations

Committee Chair: Stephen Ortiz

Michael Contreras
Jeff Langan
Conal McNamara
Ben Pongetti
Steven Rodriguez
Milt Pate
Melinda Pina
Mark St. Julien

The Sidewalk Operations Committee oversees maintenance and ambassador service provider contracts involved in the improvement of the public rights of way, including sidewalk sweeping, steam cleaning, landscaping, personnel and non-personnel expenses. The committee also coordinates with existing private security companies hired by private property owners within the district and maintains a relations with the Whittier Police Department.

Land Use

Committee Chair: Frank Rinaldi

Ben Greer
Stephen Ortiz
Melinda Pina

The Land Use Committee focuses on parking, transportation, mobility, planning, zoning, review of new developments, Uptown Community Plan review, width of sidewalks, alcohol permits and outdoor dining encroachments, review of new tenant improvements and its impact.


Brent Haskell, GM Properties
Stephanie Shamp, GM Properties

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