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Sidewalk Beautification

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The Uptown Whittier Improvement Association (UWIA) contracts with a private cleaning company to improve the appearance of the district’s sidewalks and maintain the overall cleanliness of Uptown.

This beautification program focuses on Uptown Whittier’s public areas, including power washing the sidewalks in an effort to remove gum and deep stains; cleaning the public right of way; removing graffiti; and picking up trash in the streets and alleys. The UWIA has invested $142,440 annually to provide these cleaning services to Uptown Whittier.

Sidewalk and Gutter Sweeping

Sweeping, raking and trash removal services are provided on a rotating weekly basis. Supplementing the City of Whittier's own services, the UWIA cleaning crew cleans Uptown Whittier's sidewalks on a rotating schedule as follows:

  • Monday (Yellow Zone): Philadelphia between Newlin and Comstock; Milton and Comstock (west) between Philadelphia and Hadley; Hadley between Milton and Comstock
  • Tuesday (Orange Zone): Comstock (east), Greenleaf, and Bright (west) between Hadley and Philadelphia; Hadley and Philadelphia between Comstock and Bright
  • Wednesday (Green Zone): Bright (east) between Philadelphia and Bailey; Philadelphia between Bright and Painter; Painter between Olive and Earlham
  • Thursday (Blue Zone): Bright (west) and Greenleaf between Philadelphia and Mar Vista; Mar Vista between Comstock and Bright; Comstock (east) between Philadelphia and Penn; Wardman and Penn between Comstock and Bright
  • Friday (Red Zone): Philadelphia between Pierce and Newlin; Whittier (west) between Bailey and Philadelphia

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Uptown Whittier's sidewalks are pressure washed every quarter. This service takes place between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. to eliminate any disturbance to patrons during prime business hours.

Trash Can Upkeep

Emptying overflowing trash cans, cleaning of trashcan’s exteriors, and repairing and replacing broken trashcans throughout the district. This is done to keep the community and receptacles clean, while minimizing trash on the streets.

Graffiti Removal

Cleaning graffiti and removing stickers and unauthorized or illegal signs from pavements, trees, poles, planters, street furniture, bus stops and more.

Painting Improvements

Touch-up painting to any damaged trashcans, planters, benches, and light bases throughout the community.