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What is UWIA?

The Uptown Whittier Improvement Association (UWIA) was created in the Fall of 2017 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

UWIA was formed with the intent of improving public spaces in Whittier’s historic core and sustain business development and prosperity. The Uptown Whittier Improvement Association is a coalition of property owners who privately fund and oversee beautification projects and advocate for local codes, policies, and initiatives that benefit the Uptown Whittier District. This organization is privately funded and does not use public funds, nor does it receive public funds.

Voted on and passed by an overwhelming majority of Uptown Whittier property owners, the UWIA is a community benefit district ran primarily by a board of property owners and business owners. The board is responsible for making decisions in the areas of public safety, beautification, economic development, maintenance, and promotions—providing residents and visitors with a clean and safe community to enjoy.

The UWIA plans to elevate and revitalize the Uptown Whittier district by keeping its sidewalks clean, establishing a cohesive identity, maintaining a safe neighborhood, beautifying the community, and promoting Uptown Whittier as a top regional destination.

UWIA Mission Statement

The mission of the UWIA is to improve the district through various service areas including Sidewalk Operations, District Identity and Land Use.